Apa itu Hydrocracked base oil dalam pembuatan minyak enjin kenderaan?

Hydrocracked base oil menggabungkan ciri-ciri positif dalam minyak mineral & fully sintetik base oil.

Hydrocracked base oil menawarkan ciri-ciri kestabilan haba yang sangat bagus & kerintangan terhadap penuaan minyak.


Asas hydrocracked oil dibentuk dengan paraffin dikeluarkan daripada mineral oil.

Parafin terbentuk dalam rantaian molekul yang sangat panjang (> C35).

Ia kemudian melalui proses catalytic hydrockracking untuk dipendekkan menjadi rantaian molekul yang berguna sahaja C20 – C35


Hydrocracked base oil combines the positive properties of mineral and fully synthetic base oils with one another. This base oil type offers a very good thermal stability and resistance to aging with simultaneously absolute material compatibility. The basis for hydrocracked base oils are formed by the paraffin taken from the mineral oil extraction. The paraffin is made up of long-chained molecule compounds (> C35). These are split open in the presence of a catalytic converter under a pressure of 70 - 200 bar and temperatures of up to 500 °C and shortened to a useful length of C20 – C35 (catalytic hydrocracking). The liquid in the vacuum is subsequently distilled, in order to avoid the cracking of the molecule chains. In the last step, any paraffin deposits are removed